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Maxilaweta is your ideal choice if you’re moving your house! We can move you quickly and efficiently to any destination in Europe!
We will co-ordinate every stage of you moving house, from packing services (if required), to careful unloading of your belongings at the other side. Also we can provide temporary storage at our warehouse.

If you decide to pack Your belonging by Yourself:
1. Start with the most time consuming items, such as crystal, sets of china, wine glasses etc. It is a good idea to wrap these individually for safety.

2. Always use strong double walled removal boxes. The two most common sizes when packing are medium and large.

3. You will need plenty of bubble wrap and packing tape.

4. When packing, make sure to label all the boxes on the sides, list the contents and where the boxes are to be taken to in the new home.

5. Boxes containing fragile items or glass need to be clearly labeled FRAGILE.

6. Use lots of bubble wrap when packing glass or fragile items.

7. When packing liquid containers, ensure the containers are tightly closed and standing upright. Clearly label the box LIQUIDS.

8. Try not to over fill boxes. The lids must be able to close flat in order to stack.

9. Save your back and avoid lifting heavy boxes or other items on your own.

10. When disassembling furniture, store all the fixings in a plastic bag and tape the bag to the underside of the furniture.

11. Moving home is also a great opportunity to DE clutter. Unwanted items, furniture etc. are often accepted in local charity shops.